Active Citizens

Active Citizens is a British Council programme bringing together young community leaders from different cultures. It provides them with training and opportunities to learn from and share with each other in order to make positive changes in their communities.

About this programme

We focus on youth activism

In today’s world, we encounter a greater variety of perspectives, cultures and communities than ever before. This is often seen as the result of globalization, through which people and countries have become increasingly connected and interdependent at cultural, political and economic levels. The vision of the Active Citizens programme is a world in which people recognise their potential and exercise their responsibility to engage peaceably and effectively with others. Through dialogue and social participation, Active Citizens can establish the positive and sustainable development of communities, both locally and globally.

Social change within communities

This programme aims to contribute to social change within communities and sustainable development by establishing an enduring global network of leaders who as influencers in their communities engage in dialogue and learn and act together to address global issues. It also aims to increase the contribution of those who already play a role in their local communities, through civic engagement with community-based organisations and projects. It consequently supports grassroots initiatives around the world, in turn promoting community cohesion and cross-community understanding.

Local culture and identity

The programme assists the growth of active citizens by reinforcing a strong sense of local culture and identity, understanding of the local community, a sense of responsibility towards sustainable development, values for working effectively with difference, and by developing project planning and management skills. The local programme had the following components:

  • Local training workshops that focused on global citizenship, working effectively with difference to achieve better understanding of the local community and global interdependency.
  • Social Action Projects, planned and delivered by the participants based on what they learned and where they feel they can make a positive impact in their own community and in the communities they interact with.
  • International exchanges and networking that provided participants with opportunities to experience and learn from international practice, especially in areas of common interest.

Active Citizens in Croatia

In Croatia, Active Citizens is delivered in cooperation with the Croatian Youth Network.  

The programme has so far been delivered with three groups of participants:

  • youth workers and activists from Karlovac and Sisak-Moslavina Counties, 2010-2012
  • youth activists from the region of Slavonia within the Empowering European Citizens EU co-funded project, 2011-2012
  • teachers from all over Croatia, 2013-2014

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