Training for mentors, Brač 2019. 

The British Council in Croatia is delivering a project to support the Croatian Ministry of Science and Education in the implementation of curriculum reform in Croatia. The project is funded by the European Union through the Structural Reform Support Programme (SRSP) and implemented by the British Council in cooperation with the European Commission.

Teacher – mentors

UK and international experts have been working with Croatian teacher – mentors on the development of training resources with a special focus on learning outcomes, formative assessment, problem solving, learning to learn and coaching to school teams. The resources include videos of good classroom practice filmed in Croatian schools available online through the CARNET Meduza portal. Croatian mentors have been prepared and supported to work with teachers in initially experimental schools and then all schools implementing the new curriculum through both online and face-to-face training.

Principal - mentors

A group of Croatian principal - mentors have taken part in a leadership training programme with a focus on leadership practices that support curriculum reform in Croatia. As part of the programme, the principals have been cascading their knowledge to principals in all schools implementing curriculum reform and have developed a concept paper on school leadership. The programme also included a study visit to Scotland in March 2019 which gave Croatian principals an opportunity to learn about school leadership practices in Scotland and how Scottish principals support curriculum changes in their own schools. 

Croatian principals take part in a study visit to Scotland, May 2019
Croatian principals take part in a study visit to Scotland, May 2019 

Project approach

The approach has involved developing resources based on the British Council’s Teaching for Success methodology, with CPD frameworks informing the design of a professional development roadmap for teachers and principals in Croatia. 


Experts for this project have been brought on board from the UK (Jane English, Peter Maunder, Marie Joubert, Rebecca Kitchen, Harry Fletcher-Wood, Nicky White, Mark Priestley), Finland (Päivi Nilivaari), Slovenia (Sonja Sentočnik), the Netherlands (Jan Berkvens) and New Zealand (Claire Sinemma, Graeme Aitken). They specialise in areas such as curriculum design, professional development planning, learning outcomes, formative assessment, core skills, coaching and monitoring and evaluation.  

If you would like to learn more, please write to Rosana Besednik, Project Manager, at the British Council in Croatia.