Succeed in Cambridge English Qualifications with LearnEnglish Exams! It is available if you register candidates for B2 First, B2 First for Schools and C1 Advanced with the British Council.
Find advice, tips, strategies, practice exercises and personalised feedback for extra practice and last-minute revision. Boost students' knowledge, skills and confidence before taking their exams.
LearnEnglish Exams is part of the package of high-quality exam preparation materials the British Council offers students, teachers and schools through the Addvantage member scheme.


What is in LearnEnglish Exams?

There are two levels in our LearnEnglish Exams website: Success in B2 First and Success in C1 Advanced. Each level helps candidates with the Listening, Reading, Use of English, Writing and Speaking papers of their exams.

Your students can complete all the exercises or choose the parts of the exam they want to focus on. Students can complete practice exercises and get instant answers with explanations for Listening, Reading and Use of English. There is no time limit so your students can take as long as they need and repeat the exercises as many times as they want during the exam period.

Whether your students teenagers or adults preparing for your Cambridge English Qualifications: B2 First, B2 First for Schools and C1 Advanced, LearnEnglish Exams provides them with motivating practice exerci e ses. There are three levels available:   
  • Bronze partners get Standard access to LearnEnglish Exams which includes advice, tips, strategies and online practice in Listening, Reading, Use of English, Writing and Speaking. 
  • Silver partners get Standard Plus access to LearnEnglish Exams which includes the option to submit one writing and one speaking answers online and receive feedback from a British Council expert. 
  • Gold partners get Full access to LearnEnglish Exams which includes the option to submit up two writing and two speaking answers online and receive feedback from a British Council expert.  

How do I register for LearnEnglish Exams?

Getting started is easy! Go to: and enter your username and password.

To receive your log in details for your students, please contact us via email to request access and we will take care of the rest. Access is granted to schools registering candidates for Cambridge English Qualifications with us for an upcoming B2 First, B2 First for Schools or C1 Advanced exam. Teachers can access the Schools Area of the website to support their students too.

What students say about LearnEnglish Exams

“It is a great way to improve English skills”. Poland

 “This service helped me a lot and gave me useful information about the exam”. Greece 

“I had the opportunity to know the whole exam structure in an easy way”. Spain 

“The writing and essay feedback was very useful”. Romania 

“It was very useful and easy to understand”. Italy

 “I found it very useful to be evaluated regarding my writing skills”. Spain  

“It is very useful to receive feedback; you know exactly what to review and how to get better”. Poland

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