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British Council

The British Council cooperates with the Cambridge Assessment Admissions Testing providing admission tests to the best UK universities and colleges. The exams are subject-specific tests taken by applicants for Medicine, Philosophy, Politics, Economics, Law, Mathematics and other related courses. They include:

  • BMAT (BioMedical Admissions Test)
  • STEP (Sixth Term Examination Paper)
  • CAT (Classics Admissions Test)
  • ELAT (English Literature Admissions Test)
  • HAT (History Aptitude Test)
  • MAT (Mathematics Admissions Test)
  • MLAT (Modern Languages Admissions Test)
  • OLAT (Oriental Languages Aptitude Test)
  • PAT (Physics Aptitude Test)
  • PHIL (Philosophy Test)
  • TMUA (Test of Mathematics for University Admission)
  • TSA (Thinking Skills Assessment)
  • TSAC (Thinking Skills Assessment Chemistry)
  • University of Cambridge pre-interview assessments

Visit Cambridge Assessment Admissions Testing website for more detailed information.

Detailed information on UCAS registration procedures are described on: 


Exam dates and Registration deadlines


Exam date

Registration deadline 

Entry fee

STEP 2 8 June 2023 1 May 2023 by 17.00 h local time 151 EUR + local admin fee of 90 EUR 
STEP 3 21 June 2023 1 May 2023 by 17.00 h local time 151 EUR + local admin fee of 90 EUR

*Please note: Late date to request modified question papers for STEP is 17 April 2023.

Visit the Admissions test pages to find details about STEP exams.

The British Council charges local admin fee of 90 EUR per exam for paper based exams in addition to the standard entry fee.

How to register for exam?

  • STEP 1

Fill in the registration form (available for download below). 

Important: Your UCAS identification number is given in the welcome letter you received from UCAS once you had registered with them.

Email the completed form to 

  • STEP 2

We will send you payment instructions via email. 

Payments can be made directly to our bank account by bank transfer.

  • STEP 3 

Submit the proof of payment to 

Important! - Please note that our centre needs to recieve the application form and confirmation of payment by the above stated registration deadlines.

Information about the venue and time of the exam will be sent to candidates by e-mail approximately 2 weeks before the test date.

Your results

Please keep the instructions on how to obtain your results that will be issued to you on the examination date. 

Information on how to access results can be found on the Admissions Testing website.

Candidates under 18

According to the British Council’s Child Safe Collection Policy children between 11 and 17 years of age will be allowed to leave the premises alone only if parental consent to this has been given in writing. Otherwise, they must be collected by the parent or by a person for whom the parent has provided written authorisation.

For all underage candidates parents or guardians have to sign and send us the Child Safe Collection Consent form available for download below.

How to prepare

Students can prepare for their test(s) using the free resources available on Cambridge Assessment Admissions Testing website.

These will help them to familiarise themselves with the test content, level and format. 

Special arrangements

Candidates with disability or special requirement can request special arrangements for their test. Please inform us of any special requirements when registering for the test. 

You will need to provide a medical certificate issued within the last two years at the time of registration.


Last date to request modified question papers for STEP: 17 April 2023 by 17.00 h local time.