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Steps to Success is a self-access online course for teachers of English who are in their final year of pre-service study or in their first two years of full-time teaching of English. It is a general course suitable for teachers working in the primary, secondary, tertiary or the private ELT sector. 


The course aims to: 

  • expand teachers' knowledge of methodology, lesson planning and assessment
  • focus on communicative and learner-centred teaching
  • allow teachers to observe and try out methods and resources
  • relate course ideas to teachers' own context
  • develop reflection and professional development skills

Level of English required: B1+

Course content and delivery

This is a self-study online course and you can choose to take any module you like at any time and in any order. You can download a certificate of completion after each module. In addition, you can choose to have your portfolio assessed by one of our expert teacher trainers and receive the full course certificate. They will give feedback to help you develop your reflection skills. 

  •  Module 1 - Classroom management
  •  Module 2 - Planning
  •  Module 3 - Presentation and practice
  •  Module 4 - Effective communication
  •  Module 5 - Written communication
  •  Module 6 - Assessment
  •  Module 7 - Teaching culture
  •  Module 8 - Visual aids
  •  Module 9 – Memorable learning
  •  Module 10 - Professional development

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Duration: 35 hours plus optional 15 hours for assessed portfolio 


Course name  Regular price HRK Discounted price (20%) HRK*
Steps to Success 700.00  560.00
Steps to Success with Portfolio 1,200.00 960.00

* for British Council online course alumni (only those who completed at least one of our courses successfully, i.e. received a certificate), teachers of English who are in their final year of pre-service study, HUPE members, Addvantage Partnership School teachers.


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