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About the course

Academic Teaching Excellence (ATE) is a training course that has been developed to help academic staff who do their teaching through the medium of English. The number of degree courses in Europe that are being taught in English has been increasing significantly over recent years. Often, neither teachers nor students are native speakers of the language they are using, with frustration on both sides as a result.

ATE has been specifically designed to improve the overall quality of academic teaching by updating lecturers’ language skills and offering useful techniques for day-to-day teaching. ATE has been developed in close cooperation with the University of Oxford’s Department of Education, drawing on the latest research in the field of English as Medium of Instruction (EMI). The course is taught by well-experienced teaching staff who have received special training at Oxford University for teaching ATE.


Higher education institutions in countries with native languages other than English are increasingly offering academic degree courses in the English language. Internationalisation of their institution is usually the main driver for this; be it in order to best prepare students for the globalised arena of research or in order to become more attractive in the international race for the best student and staff talent. 

At Master’s level alone, the number of EMI courses across Europe has almost doubled within the past two years. But teaching a degree course in English can be quite a challenge for someone who is not a native speaker of the language; especially when most of the students who follow the course are also non-native speakers. In addition to being a confident speaker of the English language, a good understanding of the underlying communication processes between foreign-language speakers becomes important when planning lectures and seminars. This is where EMI comes into play. English as Medium of Instruction has become the focus of academic research, and we have ensured that our ATE course takes this research into account with the methodology it offers for successful lecturer-student communication in English.

ATE course content

ATE has been designed to help improve the quality of lecturer-student communication in class by giving teachers the tools to deliver more confident and effective teaching in English. Participants will be introduced to the principles of teaching with English as medium of instruction (EMI). They will analyse and review their current teaching practices and, through intensive micro-teaching sessions, acquire advanced language skills. The course will address the whole spectrum of teaching situations, and each participant will get individual feedback and personalised suggestions on how to improve their performance. Have a look at our ATE brochure for more details.

Delivery options

We deliver ATE in Croatia in two ways. For your convenience we can bring the ATE course to your institution, for your lecturers only, without additional costs for staff travel and accommodation, in the teaching environment your staff are familiar with. A minimum of 8 and a maximum of 14 participants from all disciplines can take part in a single ATE course.

The course is also occasionally organised as a programme open for registration to participants from different institutions. Follow this page for further information or contact us to express your interest and we will let you know as soon as we open it for registration.  

Course fee

Course fees for closed courses taught at an institution are fixed for a group of up to 14 participants. Please contact us for details of the price.


Feedback from previous participants

Highly useful course for all non-native teachers.

The course fully met its purpose and went beyond my expectations. 

I loved this course… I am especially impressed by a range of teaching strategies and tools, introduced by this course. Many useful approaches to class discussion and interactive teaching have been introduced and I will definitely use them.