Join the British Council’s first ever Europe-wide digital Study UK event and find out what a UK education can do for you.

Join us online from Monday 19 October to Friday 13 November.

Study UK Europe: Gateway to the UK is a free, month-long platform where students from European countries can find out all they need to know about studying in the UK.

We’ll be joined by more than 60 universities – including 13 of Times Higher Education’s top 20 UK universities for 2021, the leading Welsh and Scottish universities, and many universities from the UK’s elite ‘Russell Group’.

The event is designed specially for students from European countries – so you can find out about special university scholarships, and get the latest information about studying in the UK post-Brexit, while exploring the best courses for you.

Who can join this event?

The event is suitable for European students of all levels. Whether you are:

· Looking for your first Bachelor’s degree – or exploring Master’s or postgraduate;

· A seasoned traveller – or it’s your first time abroad;

· You know the subject you want to study, or the university you want to apply to – or you’ve no idea where to start;

Study UK Europe: Gateway to the UK is your chance to get the information you need, directly from universities and experts, at the click of a button.

What happens at the event?

Once you have registered on the platform, you’ll be able to:

· Attend webinars about specific subjects and careers, and hear about different undergraduate and postgraduate courses

· Book private online conversations with participating UK universities

· Find out about costs of studying and living in the UK, including scholarships and other funding options

· Get the facts about new visas for EU students

· Get tips on how to do your application

· Learn about English language requirements for UK study

· Ask your questions, get your answers – and start planning your UK study journey.

How do I take part?

The event is fully online, and it’s open from 19 October – 13 November.

You only need to register once. Just click on the link, and you’ll go to a registration page, where you’ll have a few questions to answer about where you’re from and what you want to study.

Once you’ve registered, there are a few things you can do, all via the same platform.

  1. Book to attend an online talk.

Online talks include: 

  • Subject-specific talks, for example about studying Engineering or Media in the UK
  • Practical talks about visas, costs, accommodation, life in the UK, and how to fill out your application
  • Introductory talks about study in the UK

Talks will be live from 19-30 October. You can visit the event calendar on the website and pick the webinar you want to attend. You need to book talks you want to attend (you’ll just need the name and email you registered with).

From 31 October onwards (or if you miss a webinar), recorded webinars will be available on the platform.

Search participating universities and book one-to-one conversations with their representatives

You can search universities directly by name, or by course or location in the UK. You’ll then see the courses they have on offer, and other information such as their scholarships and fee details. You will also see the times that they have available for one-to-one sessions. Just click on the time that suits you, and you’ll receive a confirmation link. Each session is 20 minutes long, and it can only be joined via one unique login that you receive when you book it – so it’s personal, between you and the university of your choice.

Find out about English language tests for UK study

Learn about IELTS tests and English requirements for UK university.

The event platform and talks are in English.

We look forward to seeing you there!